Christmas Tree Items 2007

Christmas Tree Items 2007

Monday, October 11, 2010

Displaying the Snowpeople Collection

Once you’ve gathered up your Christmas collectibles by theme, then it’s time to display them to add to the festive decorations around your home. I found these pictures of my Snowpeople Collection displayed in my study back in December 2008. I squeezed them around the books on my freestanding book shelf in front of the windows.

Several filled a small cabinet, while a few stood on top the television.

A small table held framed greeting cards and snowman picture frame

I am linking this post to Tinsel & Company's Deck the Halls Friday.


  1. Just love your snow men displays!! I am getting so excited about Christmas! I start decorating Nov. 1st after i take down all of the Halloween and Fall things. I want to try and get the 3 trees that are in the bedrooms up in Oct. but I don't know if I am going to have the time to do that. Since I have so many trees and work full time and have 2 Craft Fairs coming up, I need to start very early to get done by Dec. 1st. That is always my deadline.


  2. So so pretty!!! I feel like I was just in Christmas land!!