Christmas Tree Items 2007

Christmas Tree Items 2007

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Additions to the Snowpeople Collection

In December 2008 I visited one of the local thrift shops and found lots of snowmen items to buy quite reasonably. As a matter of fact I paid only $4.00 for all the snowpeople pictured below, plus a few other items as well.
Soft snowmen of cloth, etc.

Five resin figurines

Ceramic, glass and candle figures

Carved wood and painted wood snowmen. The one on the left has a sticker, "TJ CARVER/ Real Wood Carvings"

Tiny whimsical snowmen, including one plastic wind-up walker

A green ceramic stool to place a figure on, and snowman-decorated box


  1. I LOVE snowmen!! I decorate my Powder Room in Snow Buddies for Christmas and then the entire winter. I also leave some Snowmen up after Christmas for "winter" decorations!!


  2. Hi: I just love your Christmas blog. As I was first glancing thru I thought you had already started decorating for it. I love when everything is covered with Christmas. That is what I do at my house. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha