Christmas Tree Items 2007

Christmas Tree Items 2007

Sunday, November 20, 2011

More Santas

I am joining Sundays With Santa hosted by Maureen at Yuletide Greetings.

During the last two weeks I found more Santas in my local thrift store. Here are six of them, each costing from 15 cents to 50 cents.

First is a wood-carved and handpainted Santa figure. While his robe and hat are painted green, the natural wood color is used for his face, hands and staff. He carries a green fir tree in his left hand and a staff in his right hand. Behind him is an overstuffed bag of treats. 6 ½” tall. Bottom sticker reads: “Made in China.”

Next is a beautiful carved-wood-look resin Santa. It is 7.25” tall.
There is a leather bag of toys with strap slung over left shoulder; bag slung over left shoulder, held in place with his left hand.

The third figurine is “Old Lamplighter” the 1993 Santa figurine by June McKenna. It is a Flat back figurine 5.5” tall x 3” wide.
It stands alone and also has a hole at the top for stringing as an ornament. The gold lettered label on his back reads, "JUNE McKENNA ®/June McKenna Collectibles, Inc./ ©1990-1993" Bottom reads “©1992 June McKenna ®

Fourth, is a red and white ceramic Santa figure salt shaker, the one only. Santa holds a string of light bulbs from his outstretched arms. Bottom sticker: “AML/ Made in China.”

Another ceramic item is a small trinket box. Santa is in sleigh full of gifts and a star-topped Christmas tree.

Last is a tiny wood or resin Santa figurine, just 1 ¾" tall. He is dressed in red robe and hat that are edged in white. He holds snowy evergreen in left hand.


  1. Wow, a Santa pageant here today. I vote for Santa #2, as my favorite. Love his pose, front and back. A real cutie. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful Santas with us today.

  2. Your Santas are wonderful Carrie! I love the second red Santa too.

    I am wondering if you could help me with something? You might have seen, next month I am doing a 12 days of Christmas series and I was hoping you could help me with one of the posts I am hoping to to do. I would like to do a post on the different foods that people enjoy at Christmas and I was hoping you could help me by writing a little paragraph about your favourite Christmas food. It doesn't have to be a long paragraph but I would love it if you could tell me why that particular food/dish/treat is special to you. I would also love it if you could include a recipe and maybe even attach a photo if you have one or two...or more!

    Please don't feel too pressured to come up with too much. If you have posted about your favourite Holiday meal on your blog already and would be happy for me to use that post please just send me the link and I will add it.

    I will naturally make sure that I link back to you and your blog in the post!

    I hope you will be able to join in and share your favourite recipes!

    Best wishes always,

  3. Love your Santas! My favorite is the first one in green. Thanks for sharing and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. I love santas! Some of them can look so special. We have a pretty elaprate santa we put up every year in our home. I'll take a picture of him this year when we put up our decorations.
    I just found your blog through Joy Of Christmas blog:
    I love finding new holiday blogs to follow, and Im a new follower of yours!
    You should check out my holiday blog:
    I would love it if you would follow me back :)
    Happy Thanksgiving week!

  5. I love your Santa's ♥ especially the wood-carved.

    Have a wonderful week ☺

  6. WOW!!
    What great Santa's you were able to find!!

    Love all of them.
    I have to tell you that while getting out my Christmas decorations I DID come across a mini book!!
    I had forgot about it and what a thrill it was to rediscover it so to speak!!


  7. Wonderful Santas! I especially like the one in the sleigh!

    Take care, Carrie.